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Every month we invite artists to come down to the GigPig studio to share the true brilliance of their musicianship and reach a wider audience with their sound.

Hosted by BBC Radio 1 presenter Victoria Jane, the artists will be in conversation with Future Soul show’s host to discuss their upcoming projects and music industry experiences.
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Rosie Charles
Songwriter, Producer

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“GigPig has been a revolution for our business, a simple and intuitive system that has allowed us to streamline and make significant cost savings on our ever growing entertainment offerings. GigPig has given us great insight to keep our music offering relevant and specific to each of our sites, whilst maintaining our brand values. Given the cost pressures our sector is facing, GigPig’s platform is helping us navigate the increasing headwinds and providing a much needed boost to our bottom line.”

Mark Austin

Head of Operations, ARC Inspirations Group


“We are delighted to be partnering with GigPig to help its music artists get home after late night concerts and gigs. Safety is a top priority for Uber, and with millions of trips happening regularly on our platform across the UK, we want to help everyone, no matter where they are going, get home at the touch of a button."

Andrew Brem

General Manager, Uber UK


Gig pig is great to receive a variety of gigs. It’s very easy to use. You accept a gig and once the venue confirms the gig is yours. Payment is all done electronically which is great to keep track on things. The features that have been released recently only make it better. I can see GigPig becoming a main player in the music industry in no time.

Ben Anderson


“Manchester has recently been crowned the UK’s Capital of Nightlife, by the Sunday Times. We’ve always been proud of our music scene and the city is known for it, globally.“I’m delighted to support the incredible initiative and partnership between GigPig and Uber. We need to support our up and coming artists, to which the expense of travel can be a barrier. This initiative will pave the way for the next generation of artists."

Sacha Lord

Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester


Now we are making all our regular band & artist booking via GigPig; we’re able to pass all the saved agent and booking fees directly to the artists! This is huge for local artists.

Jordon Ditchburn

Hard Rock Cafe


"GigPig makes life so much easier for gigging musicians. It takes away the stress of having to plug away at promoting yourself to venues and allows you to focus on the quality of your product. Since I've been working with gigpig, I've had a much steadier flow of work and each and every gig is made simple by the clear and concise instructions on the gigsheet."

Gypsies of Bohemia


“At Reform Radio, we want to make a positive difference to the lives of young people and inspire the next generation to consider music as a career. Our partnership with GigPig is a fantastic opportunity to open doors and improve access to the industry. The ultimate goal is to enable the city’s venues to discover new artists, in turn giving young people a platform to establish themselves as professional artists; from where they can build their profile and connections to secure repeat work. I truly believe that with more partnerships like this, we will improve the industry for all new and existing professional artists."

Robin Guérard

Station Manager at Reform Radio


"As a DJ who also works full time in Radio, it's always difficult finding the time to create and send invoices, and do all the back work filling up my calendar but GigPig has made the process a lot more streamline for me! I like working with pro-active brands and GigPig are constantly improving their systems to help artists, and the communication is clear and reliable! Looking forward to continuing to work with GigPig and building a strong relationship and smashing out more gigs!!!"

DJ Hussy


"I find GigPig a really interesting fun and great tool. It’s user friendly and I love the fact you can choose a favourites list and also listen to DJ mixes so you get a feel for an artist.I’ve also used it to book a saxophonist in the past.And Amber and Kit have been amazing and so supportive. 10/10 for me'

Kurtis Lewis

GM, Banyan Spinningfields

Supplier Member

“Going to see our favourite bands or artists perform is always such a great experience and our vibrant and diverse live music venues play such a central part of that. Hospitality can play a key role in driving economic growth in our cities and innovating has always been a key part of what we do as a sector. It’s fantastic to see businesses like GigPig explore new ways of working and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of its national rollout"

Kate Nicholls

Chief Executive, UKHospitality


"After teaming up with GigPig for our entertainment bookings - it’s allowed us greater control over our Music offering and therefore allowed us to schedule way ahead as a business. It’s streamlined the booking and management process for us across the board, across multiple departments such as the venues themselves and our finance department. We have worked with them to understand what music works best, where and when across our business, which has meant we are maximising our guest experience."

Nick Coupland

Operations Manager, The Liars Group


"GigPig’s service is second to none, and has opened the door to so many new venues for us artists to play, while making sure we’re looked after every step of the way. From their seamless system, to the automatic invoices which make the process of booking and playing a gig 10x easier. If I ever have an issue, the GigPig team are there to help almost instantaneously, and will always make sure the right thing is done in every circumstance. It really has changed the way I gig."

TY Lewis


"I’m finding GigPig great to use, the support side of things is ideal as any help is only a phone call/email away, Amber has been spot on! The user interface is easy to navigate and having a varied range of so many artists disposable at the click of a mouse makes finding acts super easy! The invoice side of things makes accounting a lot more streamlined too, overall very happy making the switch over!"

Ian Wilson

Red Door Chester


"Our partnership with GigPig has been exceptional. Together, we've boosted footfall for venues. GigPig's innovative approach and dedication to connecting artists and venues have made a remarkable impact. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration."

Aaron Solomon

Founder - Ambl


"GigPig provides our on trade venues with a fantastic platform to help drive footfall, extend dwell time and increase spend per head through the power of music.

I'm excited to be launching our partnership, which will see us actively provide additional support and value to our customers.”

Craig Nelson

Field Sales Director - Asahi UK


"The ability to perform where and when we want is incredibly liberating. It allows us to share our passion for the music of that era with diverse audiences, bringing joy and nostalgia to people's lives. Flexibility in choosing our gigs ensures we can cater to different events and engage with fans who appreciate the timeless classics we perform. GigPig has revolutionised our approach to booking and managing gigs. The platform provides us with a streamlined process, connecting us directly with venues and event organisers. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate. One standout feature is the auto generated invoices, which saves us time and effort. It ensures that our financial transactions are accurate, transparent, and hassle-free"

The Houndcats


“Partnering with GigPig has given us a cost effective way of utilising great tech to make our team's lives just that bit easier. Visibility, quality control and ease of use are just some of the reasons we've opted to go with GigPig to create a streamlined DJ booking process for our managers.”

Clint Ghent

Operations Director, NQ64


We're delighted to support GigPig - an easy-to-use and valuable tool to help local pubs book live musicians and DJs. We know that many top musicians have started their careers performing in the nation's pubs, and publicans can use live music to help drive traffic on slower evenings. As the hub of their local community, pubs are natural live music venues, creating a fantastic opportunity for people to get together and enjoy a pint while listening to the music they love."

Nik Antona

National Chairman, CAMRA


"This is an incredible opportunity to reach new, larger audiences. I’m an avid cricket follower and never dreamed I’d have the chance to play a set to a crowd in this iconic stadium. Cricket and music are two of my passions and it’s fantastic to bring them together.“This wouldn’t have been possible if I’d not signed up to GigPig, it’s a platform which has struck up links with unique and interesting venues which I would struggle to access otherwise. I’m looking forward to heading back to Emirates Old Trafford in September. It’s going to be a great afternoon and I’ll be aiming to create an atmosphere which gets the crowd behind the cricketers!"

Libby Nolan


"Nell’s partnership with GigPig is a celebration of local and emerging talent, championing diversity and inclusivity with the best of Manchester’s music collectives taking to the decks to play until the early hours.

With a growing events calendar and Christmas on the horizon, Nell’s are once again working closely with GigPig to bring their vision to life.Four months since the launch of HOT TAKE, Nell’s have enjoyed a 30% increase in late night wet sales.30 + DJs have played their first gig at Nell’s"

Antonia Lallement

Sales and Marketing Manager, Common & Co.

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