We are creating a brand new Artist economy that celebrates your talent, amplifies your reach and nurtures the meaningful connection between you and your audience.

Without you there is no music, which is why you will always be front and centre of everything we do.

Our commitment is to always be FREE for artists

We are passionate about providing a free and limitless experience to artists, ensuring they can explore, thrive, and showcase their incredible talents without any additional financial burden.
A message from our CEO Mick

Why sign up to GigPig?

Automatic Invoicing

Admin simplified: Once you complete a gig and the venue signs it off, GigPig automatically issues your invoice to them.

Transparent payment terms: Only accept a gig if you agree with a venue's payment terms.

Direct to you: All money from your gigs goes direct to your nominated bank account.

Invoice Storage: All your invoices stored in one place ready for your end of year.

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

Gig Calendar Management

Automated integration: Sync your GigPig calendar with your iCal or Google Calendar for seamless gig updates.

Real-time gig updates: Live gig updates when gigs are confirmed or signed off.

Instant visibility: Get a clear overview of gig statuses with lightning-fast filters

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

Create Your Profile

Multiple profiles: Create multiple profiles that showcase every format, style and genre you gig in.

Showcase your talent: Upload all your media from YouTube to Soundcloud to show venues exactly what you do.

Geolocation: Available for gigs in multiple regions? Easily set multiple areas that you want to receive gig offers from.

Minimum fees: Set your minimum fees across the week and all special dates.

Inform your audience: Share your gigs across your socials easily.

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

Ziglar just booked metrodome 2m ago

At GigPig we want to change your world by changing how you make a living from doing what you love. We are embarking on an artist-friendly journey that celebrates and supports the creative spirit.

Our Co-founders are performing artists themselves, so we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of artists, and we are dedicated to providing a platform that empowers you to thrive, connect, and showcase your talents to the world.

We want to take all of our knowledge from years of performing, managing, promoting and being agents and put it all in to GigPig. We want to give you the tools to simplify your life so you can do what you do best, gig.

We will always be free for you to use and we will always be listening to your feedback. We welcome all your ideas as it help us shape the platform for your needs. If you have any suggestions at all, no matter how big or small tell us, we want to hear them.

We are serious about music. The poets. The rockstars. The night-makers. The epic new sounds. The late shows. The crowd surf. The singalong. The glory of the encore.

Let GigPig do the boring bit, you do the party.

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