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Photo of Mark Austin walking through a crowd of people at an event
Mark Austin
Head of Operations
ARC Inspirations Group

GigPig has been a revolution for our business, a simple and intuitive system that has allowed us to streamline and make significant cost savings on our ever growing entertainment offerings. GigPig has given us great insight to keep our music offering relevant and specific to each of our sites, whilst maintaining our brand values. Given the cost pressures our sector is facing, GigPig’s platform is helping us navigate the increasing headwinds and providing a much needed boost to our bottom line.

Photo of DJ Hussy
DJ Hussy
Afro, Tech, Dance

As a DJ who also works full time in Radio, it's always difficult finding the time to create and send invoices, and do all the back work filling up my calendar but GigPig has made the process a lot more streamline for me! I like working with pro-active brands and GigPig are constantly improving their systems to help artists, and the communication is clear and reliable! Looking forward to continuing to work with GigPig and building a strong relationship and smashing out more gigs!!!

Photo of DJ Hussy
Nick Coupland
Operations Manager
The Liars Group

After teaming up with GigPig for our entertainment bookings - it’s allowed us greater control over our Music offering and therefore allowed us to schedule way ahead as a business. It’s streamlined the booking and management process for us across the board, across multiple departments such as the venues themselves and our finance department. We have worked with them to understand what music works best, where and when across our business, which has meant we are maximising our guests experience.

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