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Finding the right live bands for your venue

Whether you run a pub, manage a club night, or you’re setting up a one-off event, booking the right musicians for your venue is a big part of the job. Finding artists who match the energy of your event and create a fantastic atmosphere at your venue is key to successful bookings. But what do you need to consider before booking a band? 

Read on for our top tips on how to book talented music artists that get the crowd going.

Choosing a band to hire: where to start

Before you begin researching local bands and listening to their showreels, it’s important to think about what you want to get from your event. Here are some things to think about to help you work out your venue’s priorities so you can find a band that hits your event brief. 

Your venue 

Firstly, what’s your setup? Is it an intimate space with a small stage — perfect for an acoustic duo? Or do you need a band that will engage a full arena? Knowing what you can cater for will help you narrow down your options — after all, you don’t want to hire an 8-piece band only to realise they can’t fit in the performance space. 

Likewise, make sure your facilities and acoustics are suitable. Do you have the electrics to power an outdoor stage for an alfresco event? 

Event type

This takes us on to the next point — your event itself. Whether it’s a 1920s-themed party, a late-night club session, or a relaxed festival, you want to make sure the bands you hire offer the right sound and vibe. 

You might have a particular genre in mind, such as a retro jazz ensemble or a pop-punk tribute act. Or you might have a general idea of the atmosphere you’d like to create — whether it’s an upbeat club night with a talented DJ or multiple headline acts for a festival line up. Either way, try to have this in the back of your mind as you explore available artists.  

Your Audience 

Your audience demographic will naturally tie into the energy and vibe of your event. This may be varied or you might have a very particular age group in mind. When searching for a live band to hire, make sure they’ll be able to offer your audience what they want to hear. With GigPig’s wide array of popular artists, all verified by the GigPig team, you are sure to find an artist or band that meets and exceeds your audience's expectations. 


Location, location, location…another practical consideration is where your venue is based. In many cases, artists will cover their travel costs if your venue is within a certain radius. If you’re keen to hire a band from further afield, you may need to pay an additional travel fee — this is something you can ask about when you contact the artists. 


Travel expenses are just one part of the cost when it comes to hiring a band. Remember to factor it into your budget but also think about what your venue can afford. Most artists include this cost within their fee, however it is always best to check!

In general, the more band members there are, the higher the booking price. So it’s helpful to have a budget in mind before you start contacting musicians. Do you want to spend a larger amount to get a full ensemble or will you be better off setting a lower budget and hiring an exceptional band trio?

Your budget is something to keep in mind when deciding how to find musicians, too. You may find you pay more if you look for a band with an agent. With a platform like GigPig, however, you can feel confident knowing our booking prices are low — and transparent, with an easy budget setting to ensure your bookings match how much you are looking to pay. 

We offer a range of membership options, starting with a £10 pay-as-you-go option, through to our Enterprise Access tier, where you can book up to 60 gigs per month for £250. (That works out as just over £4 per booking)

Finding a live band to hire

Once you have a clear budget and an idea of the type of band you’d like to hire, you can start the exciting  part of the process — looking at live bands to hire. 

There are several ways you can go about this. You could head out to live events in your local area and see who’s performing. You can spend hours exploring social media to find new talent, or you can easily discover incredible solo artists, DJs and bands through our artist catalogue

It’s always a wise idea to listen to a band’s samples before you start the booking process. This will help ensure they’re the right fit for your venue. With GigPig, you’ll find artist previews so you can see and hear what they have to offer. 

You can even add artists you like the sound of to your very own favourites list, so it’s easy to find all your ideal bookings in one place. 

Booking your chosen musicians

When you’re ready to contact a band, it’s important to provide the artists with plenty of information about your venue and the gig itself. When using our booking form, we require the following details in your initial communication:

  • The date, time, and location of the gig
  • The stage, sound and lighting provisions
  • Any other facility details they need to know (such as parking or dressing rooms)
  • Your budget

It’s also a good idea to ask the band if they have any specific requirements early on. This can help build a positive relationship which not only creates a positive working experience for everyone involved but also helps pave the way for any future bookings with that band. 

If the band is available for your booking, they’ll be able to confirm and you can pay a small deposit to secure the date after reading through any agreement terms and conditions. 

When you hire a live band through GigPig, your booking will be visible on a central calendar, which can sync to your Google or Apple calendar. If you are looking for a gig booking platform that makes your life easier? GigPig is it. You can even book your chosen band for multiple gigs using our handy templates, and manage multiple venues, too. 

Hire a band with GigPig

No matter your venue type, finding the ideal band can create an unforgettable experience that will keep your customers coming back for future events and gigs. GigPig offers an easy-to-use band booking service with transparent and affordable pricing and a vast artist catalogue. We’re here to help you hire a band that is right for your venue, creating the event you want and providing a live music experience that your audience will love. 

Book a demo to learn more about the GigPig platform, and feel free to get in touch. Our friendly team is always on hand to help out with any questions you may have to keep your bookings as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

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