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How to find and book independent artists

The increasing number of independent musicians ready to share their talent makes it challenging to find music artists to book. Artists will either be booked solid or battling for the spotlight in a world where anyone can now self-publish. 

So how do you discover new music artists who don’t have a big record label backing them? And more importantly, how do you go about booking them for your venue? Regardless of whether you are an experienced event manager or newbie to the live music industry, it is all a bit of a minefield! That’s where GigPig steps in. Whether it’s for a one-off event or a regular weekly slot, GigPig is the ultimate platform to help you connect with talented independent music artists from across the UK!

Where to find independent music artists

Historically, discovering new independent artists was a painful and repetitive exercise for promoters, booking agents, and A&R representatives. You’d hear about a band, see them live, and decide if you wanted them for your next show. Simple, but restricted — and not a guaranteed method, either. 

For any venue manager these days, time is one of your most valuable resources, so why risk wasting it? We have a rundown of the tried and tested methods of discovering independent artists, and how to utilise GigPig's industry-leading platform to your benefit.

Discover new artists in the wild

Nothing beats a great show! It’s the main reason individuals working within the music industry are so passionate about our work. You want to bring that feeling of an unforgettable event to everyone you can. Going to festivals and gigs is a fantastic way to see epic performances and find new music artists. However, when you run a busy venue it’s not always possible to get out and about to live shows (as much as you may want to!).

So when you can’t commit to a whole weekend searching for your next big act — or when you miss out due to inevitable festival clashes or a never ending waiting list for tickets — how else can you discover top independent music artists?

Social media and independent websites

Another common but extremely time consuming and challenging way to find new music artists is to check out the sources they publish online — after all, we live in a digital age (although we may not all be TikTokers!). Many independent music artists rely on their website and social media accounts to get bookings but browsing Instagram to find new artists can be a long process, leading to hit-and-miss results. We all know how active the live music scene is, and we don’t always have time to keep scrolling for hours on end through our social media feeds alongside putting on events.

Online live music platforms

While social media can certainly showcase new artists’ work — meaning you’re now as likely to discover a booking on your smartphone as you are at a live show — it usually involves a lot of time searching in lots of different places.

Making sure that what you see and hear from a band online is a true representation of their work can also be tricky. 

With an online music marketplace like GigPig, you can find an array of music artists all on one handy platform. What’s more, our team works all day, every day to vet and quality-check every musician on our books (many of them artists themselves, meaning they know what they are looking for). So you can be certain you have access to over 6000 of the best independent artists the UK has to offer!

Our platform can help ensure the longevity of your business by connecting you with the newest independent talent. Even if your current artists move on or stop performing, you'll maintain access to the talent necessary to sustain your passion and your business. Got an artist currently performing at your venue that isn’t using all of the artist benefits GigPig provides? Why not encourage them to join the thousands of other artists currently using GigPig, a one stop platform  to easily find and manage performance bookings, and a centralised booking and invoice system. 

How to book independent music artists with GigPig

With GigPig, bands and musicians upload their promotional material directly to our platform, offering you a direct line to the best new independent artists in the UK.Looking for musicians to headline your venue?  Simply search by genre or style and instantly discover an act you can book — with none of the hassle of getting lost in social media!

Once you’ve selected a genre you can browse our catalogue of independent artists. Every band or musician has an artist profile so you can watch and listen to examples of their work. Found a performer you like the sound of? Add them to your ‘favourites’ list.  

When you’ve spotted your perfect match, use our handy booking platform to secure them for a gig. You can even arrange multiple bookings — ideal for recurring club nights or residencies you need to fill. 

You can keep track of all the acts you’ve booked on a centralised calendar, keeping you organised and ready to share new talent with your audience.

Find your next great act with GigPig

At GigPig we’re committed to offering quality assurance along with ease of access to the best independent music artists in the UK. Our team of industry specialists have developed a platform to unite the most talented musicians with the leading booking agents and venues. To get the most out of our industry-leading approach, book a demo to see how it works. 

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch for further support and more information from the GigPig team.

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