The Live Music Index

We’re delighted to have worked with our partners to publish this first-of-a-kind music industry report to shine a light on the ‘seed’ section of the music industry, which is the very bedrock of the UK’s cultural scene. We’ve heard directly from thousands of artists and venues to uncover exactly what they are experiencing on a daily basis, giving them a voice.

We have found that the value of this part of the industry economically adds up to £2.4bn for venues and £1.3bn for artists. This is incredible insight and our ambition is for this pivotal research to help all artists and venues, who form part of the “seed” music industry, to attain the recognition to the UK’s cultural and economic landscape they so richly deserve.

I hope it will pave the way for a more certain future for the UK’s up and coming musical talent and shape a deeper understanding of how they directly contribute to the success of a healthy hospitality industry.

Michael Forster, CEO of GigPig
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