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Biggest News Stories Of The Festival Bank Holiday

From controversies to heartwarming stories, the weekend brought it all whilst being blessed right under the blazing sun for those who had to dust off their bucket hats. Here are some of the biggest stories you may have missed whilst revelling in the very best of live music.

Royal Blood’s outburst at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

The two-piece Brighton rock band took to the stage in Dundee over the weekend and appeared before former One Direction member Niall Horan and Scottish starlet Lewis Capaldi. However, their set soon turned hostile after frontman Mike Kerr branded the audience “pathetic” for the lack of engagement with their performance, and being unaware of their work. Kerr addressed the audience and said: "Well, I guess I should introduce ourselves seeing as no one actually knows who we are. We're called Royal Blood and this is rock music. Who likes rock music? Nine people, brilliant." Once the pair exited the stage, Kerr walked off with his middle fingers branded to the audience, and their show was later taken off the BBC website. This has since divided music fans as a childish act or a stunt built on Rock and Roll heritage.

Lewis Capaldi told off by the BBC

Scottish sensation Lewis Capaldi rounded off BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee in spectacular fashion where he delivered an incredible performance to his home crowd playing his most loved tracks. Yet BBC had to reportedly tell off the musician for his language between songs. Capaldi was has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome last September, and encouraged the crowd to join in to scream “fuck it” right under the noses of the BBC.

PULP’s long-awaited return

How good is it to finally have PULP back? The bank holiday weekend commenced their long-awaited return to live performance, and their headline show on Saturday’s Neighbourhood Festival was the second show on their first tour in 11 years. Jarvis Cocker was sensational in his velvet suit and was as charismatic and engaging as he ever was. Desperate chants for ‘Common People’ from the crowd quickly turned to euphoric screams as the opening chords to their smash hit rang through Warrington. PULP marked their return to the stages in spectacular fashion and it is brilliant to have them back.

Rianne Downey shines as Paul Heaton’s special guest

The former frontman of Housemartins and The Beautiful South, Paul Heaton, welcomed the brilliantly talented Rianne Downey to perform alongside him after Jacqui Abbott’s health scare resulted in her withdrawing from the festival. Heaton and Downey closed the first night of the Neighbourhood Festival in Warrington in magnificent fashion where the Glaswegian singer thrilled the crowd with her powerful vocals and her electric on-stage chemistry with Heaton.

30 Seconds to Mars delivers a fantastic performance after technical difficulties

The Leto brothers were expected to take the stage of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend on Saturday, yet 50 minutes after their set was intended to start fans were left disappointed when technical difficulties forced the band to pull the plug on their show. However, they came back to perform on Sunday with vengeance and delivered an unforgettable performance for those in attendance who were invited on stage to join the Hollywood star, Jared Leto.

Corella plays a fitting tribute to Viola Beach

One of Manchester's hottest prospects, Corella, took to the Viola Beach stage at the Neighbourhood Festival which was named after the Warrington indie quartet following the death of the manager and band members in 2016 after a tragic car accident in Sweden. Corella covered their hit single ‘Boys Can Sing’ and truly did the track justice and was incredibly well received by the crowd in attendance, which created one of the most beautiful performances of the weekend.

Headie One makes young fans day

The leading rapper in the UK drill scene, Headie One, invited one young fan backstage after catching him belting the artist’s songs back word for word. The young fan teased the superstar that he should be onstage with him once he comes back to Scotland bigger and better. What a way to introduce yourself to the music industry.

Ricky Hatton’s surprise appearance

Boxing Legend Ricky Hatton left fans in awe after he retired his gloves to pick up the microphone and belt out Oasis’ hit track ‘She’s Electric’ during the Made in Manchester Festival. Hatton performed with tribute band The Oasis Experience and had the crowd marvelling at a Manchester classic, sung by an unsuspecting hero. The festival highlights some of the best manc talents and tribute bands to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of popular local musician and teacher Keith Halligan.