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GigPig announces exciting new partnership with Qube

Qube, a first-of-its-kind venue and community for creative professionals to connect, are a natural fit for GigPig to be partnered with. Their spaces are havens for creative professionals to thrive, whether they’re musicians, artists, photographers, labels or creators.

Treating creatives as a community and delivering them spaces in which to produce their art and hone their craft are priorities that we can get behind, while also aiming to lend GigPig’s considerable support to via our own platform.

This month, Qube is opening its brand-new East London recording studios and creative hub.

Qube East will house 24 premium studios for recording, production, DJ, rehearsal, podcast and video content, plus a Dolby Atmos Suite and a fully licensed, private bar. All nestled within East London's new bustling creative district Wood Wharf – a short walk from Canary Wharf Underground Station.

A community forged on the principles of connection and creativity, the space will offer flexible, by-the-hour access to member studios, as well as a handful of exclusive resident studios.

And for those artists and creatives using the spaces, GigPig is here to help take them from the studio to the stage. Using our constantly growing platform, Qube’s artists can be showcased and booked for paid gigs, taking the work they’ve perfected within Qube’s spaces and sharing it with countless others, whether that’s in London or across the UK.

“Qube is the world’s first members studio for content creators,” explains founder Nick Sonuga, “The easiest way to describe it is if you were to mix the meaningful community of a members club with the magic of a studio and the convenience of a coworking space.

“Our vision is to be the global home for content creators, so if you want to create quality content, you find your nearest Qube. That doesn't just have to be music, we offer podcast and photography studios, DJ and rehearsal rooms, as well as studios for automated video production.

“We believe in a world where any creator can make a living from their art, so we provide the facilities, networks and resources to enable them to do so.”

These visions and beliefs are ones which are shared by GigPig CEO and co-founder Michael Forster.

“If you are an up and coming artist you need a space to create and to rehearse. You then need to be able to put that hard work to the test and take your craft public. Qube and GigPig are the perfect partnership, enabling artists of every genre, every ability to create in the studio, rehearse and then perform live.

"GigPig and Qube will always have artists front and centre, we are here to create a better world for Artists helping them to make a decent living from their art and not having to give up on their dreams.”

A world where any creator can make a living from their art is the same world we want to make a reality. At GigPig, we’re already working towards this goal with thousands of aspiring and established artists and live venues. And we cannot wait to welcome Qube members on board to take us closer to realising this dream.

If you're interested in joining London's new creative sanctuary, click here for more information and apply for membership here.