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Emma the DJ is a remarkable talent in the world of music. With a specialisation in various genres such as house, Afro house, Amapiano, Afrobeats, R&B, soul, garage, and UK funky house, Emma has been making waves in the industry for the past three years.

Her infectious energy and unique mixing style have earned her gigs at renowned London venues like Ministry of Sound, Jazz Café, and Brixton Jamm. Not only has she captivated local audiences, but she has also begun to make a name for herself on an international scale. Today, we dive into her experiences as an LGBTQIA+ DJ and discuss the importance of inclusivity and representation in the music industry.

GigPig: What has your experience as an LGBTQIA+ DJ been like?

Emma the DJ: Overall, it's been quite good. Being gender non-conforming, the biggest issue is promoters and booking agents having a certain vision of how a female DJ should present themselves as basically as a sexual being, and that's just not me. I've found success by being true to myself. I haven't faced direct homophobia luckily.

GigPig: Have you seen any positive changes in the music industry's acceptance of LGBTQIA+ individuals?

Emma the DJ: It's becoming less of a big deal.

The music industry is becoming more inclusive now, more, more recently, I would just say it's broken out a lot more into the mainstream and it's not seen as unusual. Representation is increasing, which is great.

GigPig: How important is it for the music industry to be inclusive of LGBTQIA+ artists and DJs?

Emma the DJ: I think it’s hugely important. I'm pushing for inclusivity for all backgrounds and abilities, not just LGBTQ+ artists. Creating safe spaces for everyone benefits the music scene as a whole.

GigPig: How do you envision the future of representation and visibility in the music industry?

Emma the DJ: I hope we continue to move forward. Creating safe spaces, introducing schemes like "Ask Angela," and amplifying underrepresented voices will make the industry safer and more inclusive.

GigPig: Any particular artists or DJs who have influenced or inspired you?

Emma the DJ: DBN Gogo, a South African female DJ and producer, inspires me. She represents what I love about the Amapiano scene, which has strong female representation. Jeremiah Asiamah from BBC Radio 1Xtra is also a huge inspiration for his inclusive events and positive energy.

GigPig: Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?

Emma the DJ: Just a little shameless plug. But basically, I'm organising it with my co promoter. It’s called ‘Don’t Call It AMA’ . We're creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone, including people with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community. Come join us in London!

GigPig: How are you making your event inclusive for LGBTQIA+ and female artists?

Emma the DJ: We carefully choose venues with trained staff, disability access, and work closely with them to address any issues. We want everyone to enjoy our event without feeling inhibited. We're constantly striving to improve inclusivity.

At GigPig we understand the significance of LGBTQIA+ representation in the music industry. As we continue to pave the way for inclusivity in the music industry, let us remember that being true to yourself and expressing your authentic identity is not only an act of courage but also a catalyst for change.