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GigPig's Guide to Pre-Gig Boozers: Glasgow

The Glaswegians pretty much lead the entire world in how to enjoy a pint or three, with many of the greatest pubs in existence established here over the last few centuries.

Any of the locals or just anyone who’s ever paid a visit to this grand old city will tell you countless tales of their late night escapades. There’s a list of reasons as long as the River Clyde as to why so many of your favourite musicians love playing here. But most of all, it’s the people.

The term ‘no nonsense’ was pretty much invented for Glaswegians. They don’t suffer fools and if you decide to act like a dickhead in their vicinity, well, they’re going to let you know about it. But if you embrace their city, they’ll embrace you and leave you with a night you’ll want to relive every weekend.

So if you’re making your way to the Dear Green Place for a gig at any point, here are a few boozers you should definitely be frequenting to make the most of the Glaswegian experience.

Laurieston Bar is a historic site and one that should absolutely top your list when visiting Glasgow. A pub has occupied this site on Bridge Street since 1836 and the exterior and interior are still very much preserved from the 1960’s, with the miraculous McGregor’s hot pie heater still going strong. Perfectly pulled pint and a hot pie. What more could you want before a gig?

Queen’s Park Cafe, on Victoria Road, is another institution, operating in one form or another since 1870. A south side local with an immense reputation and an unbeatable atmosphere. The only problem is you’ll find it hard to leave for any gig you’ve got booked.

‌The Old Toll Bar Glasgow proudly pronounces itself as ‘one of Glasgow’s oldest Victorian gems’ and as soon as you step inside you’ll realise these merely aren’t just words to sell a few extra pints. This is a seminal venue and one where you can joyfully eat a bag of Tayto crisps by candlelight. As important a dining experience as you can ever hope to enjoy, tbh.

The Rose Reilly wonderfully refers to itself as ‘just a pub’, but once you’re there, you’ll soon suss out that it’s much more than that. This Govanhill spot is a beautiful room to sink a few Guinness, share stories and build excitement ahead of a gig. It also feels like the sort of boozer you want to pile back to afterwards. The precise sort of pub where memories are made. And forgotten.

The Belle is a favourite of ours and will soon be a favourite of yours once you sink a few suds in here. Their beer and wine selections will keep you toasted and the open fire will keep you toasty. With a midnight closing time every night there’s also prime post-gig potential here, too.

Committee Room 9 is also an absolute treasure, pouring perfect Tennants for you to enjoy alongside some ludicrously great live music, meaning you can enjoy pre and post gig here without even needing to leave. Perfection.

nicensleazy is a classic indie haunt where a lot of mischief can be made. Just be warned, Glaswegian levels of mischief are far beyond any normal city’s levels, so brace yourself for a wild night. This is also a banging live music venue too, so keep an eye on their listings…

The Pot Still is a slightly more sophisticated choice, especially for the whiskey connoisseurs among you. Serving drinks since 1867,, The Pot Still boasts a staggering 800 choices of whiskey from all over the world and has a plethora of awards to back up their selections and their brilliant staff’s knowledge to go alongside them.

And, finally, for those of you who enjoy ‘playfully pushing boundaries’ (and how can you not do that when in Glasgow?) there’s the outstanding Hillhead Bookclub, where you can line your stomach with some of the finest bites in the city (and plenty of veggie and vegan options) and wash them down with great Guinness and endless craft choices. The team here are on point and will make you feel properly welcome from first drink to last. A modern Glaswegian classic.

So, with all your pre and post-gig places sorted, it’s all off to King Tuts then, isn’t it?