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GigPig's Guide to Pre-Gig Boozers: Newcastle

A true cultural phenomenon of a city. And it continues to beguile and excite gig goers and dancefloor dwellers year after year, only getting better and better.

For live music, this jewel of the North East attracts the A-list to it’s arenas on a regular basis and is also teeming with unbelievable undiscovered artists.

But where do you go to prepare for a night down on the barriers in Newcastle?

How about a few from our very helpful list below?

You cannot go wrong at @‌colonelporters, part tavern, part piano bar, part botanical garden, part rum bar. Named after the absolute magician that first brewed the world famous Brown Ale, this spot has something for everyone and has an unerring ability to strike exactly the right mood, no matter what sort of gig you’re off to watch later that night.

If you’re a fiend for cocktails or craft beers (or both), then start your night off right at @‌passingcloudsbar, where you can also take in some quality live music and, if you fancy a go of it yourself, get involved with their open mic nights every Wednesday.

@‌thepointsnewcastle delivers cosy, New York inspired Irish bar vibes, which can be crucial for some much needed R&R ahead of a grand night out. The locals rave about the Guinness here too, which should be more than enough reason to get you through the doors.

@‌theholyhobo is a self proclaimed ‘mecca for good times’, which is a claim they fiercely back up every single night. Oh, and they can also offer up their new ‘Karaoke Kave’ so you may not even end up making it to your gig once you get behind the mic in there.

@‌filthysnewcastle proudly trumpets itself as ‘Newcastle’s hottest live music venue’ and, with a 3am kicking out time, it may be more suited to post-gig shenanigans, but don’t let put you off dropping in here ahead of time, especially if a 3am finish is precisely what you’re looking for…

@‌thebridgetavern, situated between the stanchions of the iconic Tyne Bridge, is an unmissable spot for a couple of pre-gig jars. Their on-site micro brewery ensures they’re pulling some of the finest pints in the city and the outdoor terrace is ideal for a session in the sun.

‌The Old George Inn, claiming to be the oldest pub in Newcastle, dating back as far as the 16th century, is also still one of the very best. The history hits you as soon as you step through the door and the mood doesn’t drop for a single second while you’re tucked inside. Perfectly poured pints and roaring fires are the order of the day here. As good a boozer as you'll visit in the city.

Similarly historic, although not quite as old, is @‌citytavernncl. Established in 1923, this classic boozer is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, so why not go and join in the festivities while you’re in the city?

Finally, @‌theforthpinklane is an unbeatable little spot which seems to almost always radiate that ‘post-work on a Friday’ charm that is always welcome before hitting a mosh pit or two. Good beer and even better music are on tap here, so settle in and feel like a local and it’ll become a regular haunt whenever you’re in town.