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GigPig's Guide to Vibrant Multi-Venue Quarters: Manchester

With a nightlife scene as good as some lunchtime bevs, you are always close to a brilliant venue. However, if you’re after a few venues which embody the Manchester spirit of championing indie establishments all in one spot then this is your list for it.


Manchester’s garden neighbourhood contains apartments bursting with character, and a plentiful amount of business which showcases the very best of Manchester’s independent food and drink scene to check out. The list of events is abundant as they introduce some fantastic popups, parties and DJs all behind a beautiful backdrop. We are incredibly envious if you live in Kampus.

Seven Bro7hers is one of Manchester’s most popular breweries, and it is clear to see why. They constantly brew unique, innovative and bloody delicious award-winning craft beers.

Nell’s is an insane New York pizza pie slinger which will have you reminiscing about their mouthwatering pizza for weeks. Their drinks selection is a magical combination with the pizzas having some brilliantly curated cocktails, accompanied by happy hour… It’s a recipe for success.

Pollen Bakery has some spectacular pastries in their perfected crafted cafe, so much so, it has been rated one of the best bakeries in the country appearing on the shortlist for this year’s prestigious National Bakery Awards. Words cannot describe how amazing their baked goods are, you just have to get down and try it for yourself. Make sure your quick though, their fresh stock often sells out.

Depot Mayfield

The classic rags to riches story lies within Depot Mayfield. What was once a railway yard and Royal Mail distribution centre has a breath of fresh air pumped into it. Ever since the transformation in 2019, it has become one of the most popular and sought-after areas in the city to immerse yourself in the best entertainment Manchester has to offer.

Escape to Freight Island has been an outright favourite in Manchester since they swung their doors open. Boasting a huge area for sinking their drinks and indie food vendors, all whilst putting on live music, DJs and event nights within their seriously cool warehouse.

Backyard Cinema is the newcomer to Depot Mayfield and it has been incredibly welcomed. It’s an immersive cinema that you’ve never experienced before and one that cannot be found anywhere else. Serving up drinks and delicious food creates a truly magical place to watch a movie.

The Warehouse Project has recently been declared the world’s favourite nightclub beating the likes of legendary clubs like Amnesia, Pacha and Printworks. It has become the biggest drawn to internationally acclaimed DJs whilst championing upcoming talent. It is the party destination of the world.


Nestled under the Mancunian Way welcomes you to a bohemian drinking and dining neighbourhood consisting of vibrant shipping containers. With 30 frequently rotating independent vendors it truly is the place to stay. Whether you're browsing through thrift shops, getting your hair cut or having a casual chat over a coffee with friends, Hatch has it all.

Herbivorous are the champions when it comes to vegan food. Their delicious menu is entirely homemade and offers the most exciting comfort food. Be aware that dining here will get you scratching your head wondering “How the hell is this vegan?”

Miami Ice is not one to be missed, literally, their neon signs are a beacon within Hatch and are a direct indication of a place which brilliantly blends unique cocktails and a wide selection of rums, all with a tropical twist. Slightly more concealed than their signs is their hidden Tiki Bar too.

ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar is an especially tiny brewery which expertly brews the beer which you can see being brewed right as you're sipping on your pint. However, what they make lack in size they certainly make up for in quality, where beer connoisseurs can expect excellent and innovative craft beers.