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Intro to GigPig

According to UK Music, costs for venues and musicians have increased by 35% in an industry that is now a third smaller than it was just three years ago.

This is simply not sustainable.

Given how deeply wounded the hospitality sector has been by not only the Covid-19 pandemic but also the current cost of living crisis, live music is the shot in the arm that can help boost footfall and takings by up to 60%. Imagine how much that upturn in sales could mean to venues that are taking a non-stop battering from spiralling operating costs and surging energy bills.

On top of this, venue owners simply don’t have the time or money to find artists and hold auditions, let alone negotiate with them before actually booking and paying them.

This, in turn, has led to artists seeking out alternative forms of employment, often moving away from music altogether as their income has completely dried up. As a result, the whole process ends up being farmed out to third party agents and brokers. More expensive for venues. Less profitable for artists. Everybody loses.

Not only is this heartbreaking to see, but it should also be completely avoidable. Venues shouldn’t have to shut up shop. Artists shouldn’t be forced to give up their craft.

So…Where do we go from here?

GigPig brings artists and venues together. Those middlemen are now long gone. Instead, not only does GigPig provide a free platform for performers to find, play and get paid for gigs, but we also allow artists more control over when, where and how much they are paid to play.

As for venues, they now have a secure platform to discover, book and manage live gigs for up to 90% less than the standard industry cost.

No, your eyes aren’t dreaming. NINETY.

This isn’t just about making everything a little bit easier for everyone. It’s about completely transforming the industry for the better.

How the hospitality sector accesses, manages and books live music is changed forever with GigPig. We are putting live music a few clicks away from every high street across the UK. We re democratising the industry and are doing so being built by music industry veterans.

Former musicians, venue managers and entertainment agents have kicked off a revolution by cutting out third party agents and replacing them with a platform which, since the pilot launch in June 2022, already has over 200 venues and well North of 1,000 artists signed up.

And we’re just getting warmed up…

The live music scene has already been boosted, economically, by over £700,000 just through bookings prior to our official launch. From national chains to local haunts, GigPig are putting artists on stages and punters on dance floors. And, most importantly, putting money into tills.

Over 3,000 gigs have already been booked via GigPig in just four months, generating an annualised revenue of over £1m, with the vast majority of that going straight to the artists.

The initial pilots in Manchester and Newcastle have been so successful that London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Nottingham are all now being expanded into at the demand of thousands of local venues and artists.

The industry has spoken.

Within the next six months GigPig expects to be partnering with over 1,000 venues, 3,000 artists and booking more than 1,000 gigs a week. This means our platform could be generating over £10m for artists and help venues save more than £2m on operating costs.

That combined £12m is just the first six months.

Pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, singers, musicians and DJs are all now just a matter of clicks away from helping revolutionise the live music industry in the UK, while helping save the hospitality sector from the disaster it has been heading towards for the last two years.