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Liverpool is to be United By Music!

It is the perfect opportunity for venues to capitalise on the expected boom within the city.

Across the nine days, the Pier Head will be transformed into a cultural melting pot with visitors descending from right across Europe.

  • Hundreds of incredible Liverpool-based musicians are available to be booked through GigPig and we are ready to fill your venues with a stunning variety of DJ’s, musicians and entertainers to amplify the variety on display within Eurovision.
  • Booking artists and scheduling live music is a great way to accompany the extended drinking times and licensed opening hours within the city and a fantastic way to draw in the captive audience of music lovers who have travelled internationally to come together for the most loved and consumed music event across the globe.
  • Eurovision revellers are looking to soak up the culture of Liverpool in your bar, restaurant and club and putting on brilliant live tunes will only help them stay for that extra bev and soak up the atmosphere.

TikTok is sponsoring Eurovision for the second year in a row, the addition of ‘TikTok places’ allows visitors to discover some of the best local spots to catch some live performances outside the Liverpool M&S Bank Arena.

For more advice on how venues can use TikTok to reach a wider audience visit: TikTok selected as Official Entertainment Partner of Eurovision Song Contest 2023

People are coming down to Liverpool to be united by music, so what better way to peak the interests of those attending, than to have fantastic local musicians playing in your venue, to ensure you take advantage of this brilliant contest.

You can access over 4500 artists on the GigPig platform and have GigPig take care of the invoicing, calendar function and reminder texts, and in the unfortunate situation that you get the last minute cancellation, our platform enables quick and simple notifications to fill the gig.

Let’s take this opportunity to be united by music!