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New survey revealed 80s music is Britain's favourite music genre

The data was compiled from YouGov Profiles, which is an audience intelligence tool, also indicated that Rock was second at 44% and 70s following at 43%.

This highlights the subjective nature of music across the country with individuals' music tastes rarely aligning, which is amplified through the data as 9% separated 80s and 90s music as the fifth most popular genre.

The list excludes any artists who no longer make music, only current artists were included in the survey.

The survey additionally found out the most popular artists of each generation. Adele received the most positive ratings at 66% amongst GenZ and Millenials, followed by Lady Gaga at 65% and Ed Sheeran at 63%.

Regarding the Silent Generation, Ronan Keating topped the list by having two-thirds of positive ratings, with Adele at 58% and Susan Boyle also making the top 3 with 56%.

Gen X ranked Gwen Stefani the most popular at 63% and Ed Sheeran was placed first at 57% amongst Baby Boomers.

Despite the subjectivity and the eclectic amount of artists within the music industry, Adele and Ed Sheeran both appeared in the top five most positively rated artists of all generations. This highlights the brilliant output of their musical talent and their capabilities to successfully appeal to wider audiences.