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PMT x GigPig

The music industry can be a minefield. From finding your first guitar to booking your first gig, there are more than a few barriers to entry for anyone with visions of the Pyramid Stage in their future.

That’s why we’re so delighted to announce the partnership of Play Music Today and GigPig. With a shared vision that prioritises musicians, we plan to knock down the hurdles within the music industry and give power back to the performers.

PMT have over 30 years' experience of bringing musicians together with their perfect instrument, no matter what level they play at, providing everything necessary to deliver that dream piece of kit - whether it’s an acoustic guitar or a synthesizer, the PMT Experts are on hand to help every step of the way.

Now, on top of bringing musicians together with their perfect instrument, together, GigPig and PMT can bring them together with their perfect crowd too.

Already, in just a matter of months, GigPig have generated well over £600,000 for artists across the UK who have signed up to the platform.

And now, PMT are planning on becoming the UK’s most inspirational music retailer with a new initiative and rebranding.

Creativity and community are at the core of everything that happens within PMT’s experience centres. Every one of them will be the perfect place to try out new instruments and equipment, learn, get creative, or just hang out.

Rehearsal facilities - not easy to come by, and not always affordable - will now be available, and regular community events will bring together the next big thing in music.

Music isn’t just merely PMT’s business. It’s a culture and way of life, with a goal to inspire and enable more people than ever to Play Music Today.

Whether you’re in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Manchester or elsewhere, a drop into one of PMT’s experience centres will allow you to link up with kindred spirits, learn, and get creative.

And, with GigPig’s existing line up of venues including establishments from Mission Mars and Arc Inspirations as well as the likes of STACK, Crazy Pedro’s and NQ64, there is no shortage of spaces for PMT’s customers to put their newfound skills to the ultimate test, in front of a live audience.

With no cost to musicians, GigPig is a free platform aimed at putting the power back in the hands of the artists, rather than third party involvements that end up making both venues and musicians poorer and more powerless.

The long-term partnership of PMT and GigPig will mean that artists are at the forefront of everything. From the first time they pick up an instrument to their first raucous encore, there is no limit to where our blend of experience, knowledge, and passion can take the artists of tomorrow.